Sjöströmska String Quartet is a string quartet from Sweden which was founded in Gothenburg 2007. Several successful concerts and tours have made them an established chamber music group. Their warm-hearted musicality and focused attitude has given them scholarships from Swedish foundations like RSK-the Chamber Music Association and the prestigious award Vertavoprisen from the Norwegian string quartet Vertavo Quartet.

Sjöströmska String Quartet has since the start eagerly explored the classical string quartet repertoire and next to that they have experienced other genres and styles that have led them into new scenes. Sjöströmska String Quartet has performed both in Swedish and French radio. Other successful collaborations have been made with, for instance, the Swedish chamber orchestra Musica Vitae performing Introduction and Allegro by Edward Elgar for chamber orchestra and solo string quartet. Sjöströmska String Quartet has appeared in several Swedish chamber music festivals and has collaborated with renowned artists such as soprano Lisa Larsson, Sebastian Ring, Weeping Willows and Simon Ljungman.

Since a couple of years Sjöströmska String Quartet has started to discover a new way of working with classical music, by doing collaborations with other arts. That has led to for example the stage performance ”Stråkkvartett i Vardagsrum”, a performance that Sjöströmska went on tour with fall 2014. The tour was organized by NorrlandsOperan. Several more art collaborations are planned for the coming seasons.

The quartet has developed greatly through several master classes with the French quartet Quatuor Debussy. Apart from guiding Sjöströmska String Quartet further in the art of quartet they have given them the opportunity to perform in French radio and in several festivals. Other important mentors are Øyvor Volle and Vertavo Quartet who continuously has given support and guidance. Sjöströmska String Quartet have also had the privilege of having lessons with Hatto Beyerle, former member of Alban Berg Quartet.